Examine Your Home Before You Sell

We'll conduct a pre-listing inspection in Louisville, KY

Trust Lehman Home Inspections to take care of your pre-listing inspection. These inspections reveal any issues you might want to fix before putting your home on the market. It's important to have knowledge of defects in your home because your potential buyers will ask.

We'll provide detailed reports based on your home inspection so you can decide what to do about any problem we find. You'll have a clear understanding of the status of your home and whether it needs repairs.

Call us today to schedule a pre-listing inspection in Louisville, KY.

Count on us for your seller home inspection

Our seller home inspection covers your entire house, from attic to basement. You can trust us to look closely at every aspect of your house to assess possible damage. We'll check out your:

  • Roof deck and shingles
  • Exterior siding and trim
  • Bathrooms and bedrooms

Contact us now for your seller home inspection in Louisville, KY.