Get an Inspection Before Your Builder's Warranty Runs Out

Schedule your 11-month home inspection in Louisville, KY

New homes typically come with a one-year warranty. By setting up an 11-month home inspection with Lehman Home Inspections, you make sure that any issues are taken care of before your builder's warranty runs out. We'll point out anything that's wrong so you can tell your builder to correct it.

We'll give you a list of noted deficiencies so you can ask your builder to take care of them before your builder's warranty expires. Consider an inspection. We may find problems you weren't even aware of.

Call now to speak to a specialist about getting an 11-month home inspection in Louisville, KY.

We'll take care of your end-of-warranty inspection

An end-of-warranty inspection can detect issues like:

  • Faulty roofing and flashing
  • Structural safety problems
  • Electrical hazards

Don't let your builder's warranty run out before you have a qualified inspector check out your whole house. We can save you money in the long run and give you evidence to show your builder.

Contact us today to set a time for your end-of-warranty inspection in Louisville, KY.